Oh, the glory of growth, silent, mighty, persistent, inevitable! To awaken, to open up like a flower to the light of a fuller consciousness!

- Emily Carr



The Awakening Work is a powerful, yet gentle type of energy healing that clears a path to one’s true Being, or High Self. This clearing of energy fosters a healing shift on all levels: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Awakening Sessions offer a tremendous tailwind for transformation and growth. This is especially significant when the client feels somewhat ‘stuck’ or unable to move forward. Awakenings create movement where none had seemed possible.

Sessions enable clients to more freely access their High Self or Inner Knowing. It’s like cutting through the fog. Insight and intuition are illuminated. That which no longer serves the clients' highest and best interest is cleared.  The Path forward more clearly unfolds.

At their essence, Awakening Sessions encourage the individual to Allow, Relax and Trust their relationship to the Universe (God), the Guidance that is around them at all times, and ultimately themselves. This energy work powerfully casts aside what stands in the way of growth and transformation. A more peaceful, hopeful direction forward is illuminated.

An Awakening session is energy healing that is offered in the auspices of the Christ Consciousness. It transcends any specific religious tradition or practice.  Sally Pechstein, MPH, RDN,  is a trained Awakening facilitator and Reiki practitioner.

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